Prayer Chain


Thank you for all your prayers for Nick. I want to share that the results of his PET scan last week were clear. There is no cancer in his lungs. We would appreciate continued prayers for the cancer in his throat to be healed. Thank you for your compassion and friendship during this time.


Please pray for my daughters brother-in-law Mike. He was just diagnosed with colon cancer. He’s a veteran who was injured severely in the Iraq war. He fought and was injured for our country and deserves our prayers always, but especially at this time with this diagnosis. Thank you.


Please pray for Nick who was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. He has several tests this week with a PET scan Monday, 2/12, after noon. Please pray they do not find any more cancer and that God will remove the throat cancer and heal him. Thank you for all your prayers.


update on Sept 28 Cochlear Implant. Went very well. Surgeon pleased. Little to no pain. Great help at home from Brian, Cindy and Nancy. Thanks to all for your prayers. Please continue prayers for healing, activation and learning curve. Bruce Long


Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.our of Nazareth. Please remember my wife Esther Tahake in your prayers. She had been victim of medical malpractice. She ends up in the persistent vegetative state. Please pray for her complete recovery Thanks you and God bless.

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