Eileen DonFrancesco

I grew up on a dairy farm in Chanhassen, MN where I was the 4th generation born on the homestead since my family immigrated from Germany.  I attended a Catholic parochial school until the culture shock of public high school. The amazing thing is, despite going to different parochial schools,  those 10 friends from that time in my life are still the best and closest friends to this day.  

My son Dave and wife Sarah are in MN along with children Dylan (15), Carter (13) and Gracelyn Mae (2).  My daughter Ilea has Parker (13) and Talan (6), whom many of you have seen with me here at COTM. She lives in Santee/San Diego currently and her job takes her back and forth between clinics there and in Mexico. 

Raised Catholic until my 30’s, I decided I needed something more Bible based where I actually got to read and study the Bible.  I always thought it was just to be admired from a distance, don’t touch because it was gilded. HA! I proceeded to become a certified Precepts Bible Teacher through Precept Ministries in Nashville, TN.  Sometimes, I will participate in up to 3 studies at a time- I’m so hungry for it.   

I belong to a small group from Sun Valley Community Church (Gilbert campus) in which I’ve been active for 16 years now.  I was very involved at SVCC: Participating in Thursday morning Women’s Ministry. Running the Guest Services desk, serving our community members and visitors, scheduling volunteers for 5 services every Sunday.   Serving the homeless on a one on one basis, getting volunteers and food together for the homeless whom we hosted every Saturday night. We furnished them with supper, fellowship time, a cot to sleep on indoors, breakfast, and send them off with a bag lunch. Worked with our Senior Pastor and his Executive Assistant to start up the Financial Peace University classes so long ago that are still going strong today.  I was always the instigator, get it going, and then line up the people who would take a program over. Then move on to the next project or outreach program. 

It is an honor serving and loving all of you here at Church Of The Master!  Working with the kids is so much fun! Sharing God with them is so important.